STREETMASTERS is a Motorcycle rider training school

After I bought the Goldwing… I figured I needed some training to improve my skills.. The GL1800 weighs in at about 1000 pounds.   I know this because I have had to lift it up from a “laydown”.  These puppies are heavy… So I signed up for a track school called Streetmasters.  They conduct training on a closed race track in Southern California.  Actually it is located in Rosamond Calif… and is called Willow Springs Raceway.  The use the facility to conduct races for Cars, Motorcycles and Race Carts…. Very Popular.

The class was very helpful to me and even though I have ridden motorcycles for over 50 years… You can/should never stop learning.

I even received a Diploma…..STREETMASTERS DIPLOMA

The class was attended by many different types of riders and motorcycles. 

Cruisers – Sport Bikes- Touring Hondas – Touring Harley Davidson, and everything in between, including Trikes

There were about 3o participants.. and we had classroom training as well as track time.  Arrived on Friday Evening, had a meet and greet and the next morning Breakfast and classroom exercises, followed by a day at the Track…. Had about 3-4 hours of track time. Slow speed, fast speed, lots of curves and skills tests.  I learned a lot and touched down the footpeg in a couple of corners …. wooooohoooooo.