Don and I usually do at least one Motorcycle Tour each year.  This last June 2012… we decided to do a mini National Park Tour. 

On our list of destinations were Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite, June Lake Loop, Bishop, Lone Pine and Mt Whitney.  Weather and arrangements permitting we planned for a combination of camping and moteling…. Motel 6 Of Course.


With much anticipation… packing for camping is different than packing for moteling.  When you combine the two it complicates matters.  Usually we do not buy a lot of food as it is easily purchased along the way…. each gas stop has doughnuts for goodness sakes.


So the pictures you will see below document some of our adventures… We traveled out to Sequoia, and of course roadwork was in process.  Arrived finally at our campsite and settled in…. of course some one was in our spot, scheduled to leave the next day… oh well..  Weather was good…. warmish in the day, cooling down by nitefall… the park is splendid this time of the year….One of the amazing events was a controlled fire burn by the park service…. the Forest creates such a dense undergrowth that the proper fire prevention is to actually create a fire to burn out this ground cover……Well boys and girls I can tell you that was a crazy sight to observe…

Sequoia was fun…. Kings Canyon river had a bunch of snow water runoff…. very beautiful.  So then we head out to Yosemite and then over Tioga Pass… with the objective of staying in the June Lake loop….

All of  this is far…. so we are making and breaking camp every nite….. way cool.  Well when we came down from the mountain and arrived at June Lake the wind was blowing about 50 miles an hour.  So we decide to go down off of the mountain and we settle on Bishop and the Best Western Motel….. Can you say warm bed, hot coffee and all of the ammeneties…..For those of you whom are movie buffs….please note the Alabama Hills… in some of the pictures below…Can you Imagine John Wayne, Kevin Bacon, Gunga Dinn, down among those rocks…. well them and more, lash laru, hopalong cassidy, roy rogers and many, many others , actually the most recent is Jamie Foxx in the movie DJANGO.  I saw the alabama hills there too….. HOOAH!