In October 2019… the Trapani’s and the Arnold’s traveled to Nuevo Vallarta….a suburb of Puerto Vallarta-Mexico. Ginny bid and won a charity auction for 1 week in the Vidanta Resort Complex. We had a magnificent 2 bedroom suite all to the 4 of us. Turns out the vacation was mucho enjoyable and also quite the emotional roller coaster ride. As many of you know Time Share sales are a major factor at Resort Locations…. this was no exception. We started with the promise to upgrade our accommodations if we simply attended a short presentation, preceded by a sumptuous Buffet Breakfast.

Well 12 hours later we have pulled out our Visa Cards and put down the Money for the resort membership…. The girls are livid…. “You said you would never buy anything” you wooossssiees.. Long story short we do end up buying a membership and a greatly reduced price.

PostScript….when we get home from the trip we start investigating what we actually bought…. and it turns out not to be as promised….. I know “I TOLD YOU SO..YOU DUFASS’S”

PS. PS We now have the membership posted with a time share dealer to see if we can get our money back…… Who knew