1. Penny and I have always used PC’s with Microsoft programs…. just before we retired, I made the change to Macintosh…. oh boy…. Like landing in France with no language skills…

But we are learning…. might share some of those experiences here!!!!

An update as of Nov 2010…. I love the Mac…. I love the Macbook Pro. I have become an almost expert and I can do most anything I need to… I am getting into

  1. Photography
  2. Videoography
  3. Graphics
  4. Web Page design
  5. next will be music and pod casting….

Update to Mac Computer as of Feb 2013…..When we started this journey in 2009, we knew literally nothing about the MAC.  Well let me tell you we have been drinking from the Apple fire hydrant….. lots and lots of input.

We now have two IPhone X’s, a IPad MINI-4, a Macbook Air… second generation and a Macbook Pro.  I am here to tell you we are card carrying members of the GEEK Squad

So here is a Video