Last year we attended a Charity Event sponsored by the Roosters group here in Southern California.  We purchased a trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania … two nights-three days at the beautiful “Lodges at Gettysburg”.  Great location.  Who wants to travel all the way back to the east coast for just a weekend…. so Penny and I added a trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and then on the Washington DC.  What an adventure…. Gettysburg is an amazing visit and the history just flows all over you.  We rented a car in Washington DC and drove up to Gettysburg.  From there we drove into Lancaster County in Pennsylvania and visited the Amish and Mennonite communities there… wow… what an adventure.  Some might plain folks they are!  Course that is their plan.  Finally on down into Wash DC…. Penny and I have been there many times…. and we are practiced touring folks. 


Gettysburg was a phenomenal experience.  The battle conducted over a 3 day period during the Civil War…. was the largest and most deadly battle conflict during the Civil War.  The entire town of Gettysburg is the battle site.  We took a bus tour and then traveled over the field with a guided CD Tour…. to enrich the experience…. Amazing.  The visitor center and museum complex includes a painting in the round of the battle scene…. in some of the pictures below, you can see some of the painting scenes…. 


After our Gettysburg weekend, we drove up into the Lancaster County of Pennsylvania.  This is one of the settlements where the AMISH and MENNONITE populations emigrated to.  The community is amazing… most of the farms are about 100 acres and they are situated throughout the area.  Horse drawn buggies, no modern conveniences, restrictions on schooling and many of society practices…. just an amazing community… I will forgo the civics lesson and just share some of the pictures.

Wash DC is one of our favorite destinations


… we have been here at least a half-dozen times.  Could probably lead a tour if pressed.  This visit we concentrated on the Library of Congress and then a visit to Mount Vernon.  George Washingtons Home.  I did not know it but GW was a slave owner… and a quite prosperous farmer….. back in the day.